About Me
Mrs. Middleton
    My goal for the students is that in the short time of one year I can teach them all the skills that they will need to be successful. (Especially as they will go on to the sixth grade!)  

    My personal bio is that I have seven children: Elisabeth, Susan, John, Martha, Sara, Peter, and Paul. For a dozen years I had homeschooled and then went on to teach in the public school. Most of my children had mainstreamed into the public school. They went on to work very hard and to make considerable accomplishments.  Elisabeth graduated from University of Arizona with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and she is currently working on her master's degree in the same area of study. Susan had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degrees in Philosophy and Physics. She has worked as a software engineer, a technology editor for the New York Times, and independent writer. John served in the Army completing a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Thereafter he completed a degree in Classical Languages from Arizona State University. He is currently teaching Latin at a school in Scottsdale. Martha graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bio/Chemistry Degree with both an undergraduate and a graduate degree. She will be continuing her with a PhD at Rice University in cancer research. Sara is a manager at a major hotel in Flagstaff.  Meanwhile Peter is perfecting his skills as a comedian New York City. Paul is currently taking classes through Rio Salado and planning on transferring to ASU. His goal is a degree in History.

    I am very grateful and proud of all of my children's perseverance that continues to lead them to their goals