Third Grade

Welcome to 3rd Grade!  We are looking forward to a great year!  Be ready for learning, adventure and fun as we celebrate Embracing Collaboration!  On our bulletin board in the hall is our method of collaboration - Keep on the Track 3rd Graders!   We'll be coloring and completing our Trains  during the next few weeks!

Ask your parents if you can bring a snack for yourself to eat during our snack time. We can't share snacks with one another.  : (

Please bring a water bottle with your name on it.  Keeping hydrated is a good thing! 

Each week your spelling words will be in your student's planner.  The assignments for each day are on your child's email.  Here is Week One Spelling Words:

In Mathematics we will be reviewing addition and subtraction, and beginning with multiplication and division during the first month.

We have wonderful new social studies books this year.  Third grade is studying Communities.  We will be exploring many fun things around our community and other places.

Our reading book is entitled Journeys,